We kick-off on October 18, 2016 
Time: 16:30-18:00

Place: Lund University, School of Economics & Management
Address: Tycho Brahes väg 1, room EC1:135


The enormous challenge

Regardless of one’s prior business experiences and transnational connections, starting a venture in a new country is enormously challenging.  There usually exists information asymmetry on available opportunities and how the system works, communication problems, insufficient knowledge of the bureaucracy and lack of access to advanced business trainings. As a newcomer, it is extremely difficult to explore the required business contacts, networks and financial support.

ENTRIM is our entrepreneurship program, provided in collaboration with Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Lund University, for training, coaching and mentoring newcomers who aspire to establish thriving businesses in the Southern part of Sweden.


We provide newcomers with advanced knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship that will help them to create and manage their businesses successfully.

Support Structure

We strive to form a sustainable and efficient entrepreneurial support model that makes newcomers better prepared and integrated into the Swedish labor market.

About us

Action-oriented entrepreneurship training

ENTRIM is our action-oriented entrepreneurship training program for newcomers in Region Skåne. Adapting, sensitising and modifying experiences, techniques and content from the international master’s program in New Venture Creation at The Sten K Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Lund University.
The training series provides an overview of starting, running and growing a business. By participating in the program, the trainees will advance their business skills as well as networking and team work capabilities, all of which are relevant for their future entrepreneurial journeys. At the end of the training, they will have completed a business plan or portfolio and be ready to apply to various state and private business loan, incubator and accelerator programs.


gain access to valuable knowledge

Based on their experience and standing in the business start-up and growth process, the trainees also get one-on-one business coaching sessions with our qualified mentors from the local industry to gain access to valuable knowledge from the business development process.


Important dates and happenings

August -September

Recruitment, screening, selection and admission of the participants and knowing their needs.

October 18

Kick-off at the Sten K. Johnson Centre of Entrepreneurship, and mingle between the participants and our partners.

October 20

Start date for first round of the training series.


End of the training program.

March -

Participants continue working on their business plans with mentorship and support by business advisors from the industry.


Trade show to display ventures to financiers, media, accelerator programs, and certification.

* The dates might be subjected to changes

Who provides the education?

A strong network

The training will be conducted in close collaboration with Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship at Lund University. The teaching will be provided by volunteer professors and lecturers from the Centre and business advisors, experts and serial entrepreneurs from our partner organisations and government offices.

The training is designed in a manner that is possible to participate while performing other activities like SFI course, internship or any other commitments. We meet once or twice a week (if necessary) either in the early evening or during the weekends. Our online learning platform makes it possible for the trainees to work on their businesses ideas and access the course materials from any place at any time. We expect participants to show strong commitment by actively participating in the joint sessions and investing a considerable time to study the training materials and work on their business ideas. To be able to earn a certificate, participants need to attend all the mandatory lecture, coaching sessions and field visits to the local industry.

It should be noted that this program cannot be used for seeking finance from CSN.


We are academically supported

We also research the learning experiences and development processes of the participants, and the impacts of action-oriented entrepreneurship training program. We ask the participants to keep daily journals that contain information on their day-to-day activities, learning experiences, critical reflections on the decisions they make and the overall progresses of their businesses. The learning journals will eventually be analyzed by our research team.

We are academically supported by a research group from Sten K. Centre for Entrepreneurship at Lund University. This research group currently works on a project, which aims to understand the characteristics, strategies and structures of immigrant entrepreneurship in Sweden.

Most importantly, the knowledge will be further used for evaluating the project, informing the next versions of the training program, refining future policy and creating a sustainable entrepreneurial support structure for newcomers.

Who can apply?

We are currently receiving applications for the 2016/17 program round #1.
Deadline for application: 20th of September 2016.

In this round, we target 20 newcomers in Skåne who have a resident permit, and lived in the region for not more than three years. Due to the advanced level of most of the concepts and discussions, we require participants to have some sort of educational background (it is NOT required to have a university degree), and good level of English.

Prior experiences in running businesses or any other form of entrepreneurial engagement would be appreciated, but are NOT mandatory.

However, it is important that the applicants would consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option and have ambitions to establish business in Skåne. We highly encourage applicants who would like to create scalable businesses.

The program starts on the 3rd of October 2016 and lasts until February 2017.

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Our team has tremendous knowledge, research and practical experiences in business development, entrepreneurial pedagogy and immigrant entrepreneurship. We also have broad networks and partnerships with business mentors, incubator and accelerator programs, investors, government authorities and innovation consortiums throughout Skåne.

Craig Mitchell

Project Manager

Craig is a PhD candidate and a lecturer at the Sten K. Johnson Centre of Entrepreneurship, Lund University. He is currently engaged in a research that aims to understand firm growth among immigrant owned firms in Sweden.

Craig has been teaching different courses, among others include, entrepreneurial marketing, business modelling, customer insights, industry and market analysis, etc.

He has also been involved in the designing, structuring, building content and exploring online tools with the aim of building an online course in entrepreneurship at Lund University.

Solomon Akele Abebe


Solomon is an entrepreneur, researcher, cultural analyst and anthropologist with multidisciplinary educational background. He has been involved as research consultant and research assistant in several projects undertaken by different international organizations, among which include, Clinton Foundation, Oxfam Canada, Hesperian Foundation, Yale University, Beloit College, the Creative Plot etc.

Solomon holds a bachelor degree from Alemaya University, and three Master degrees —Master of Science in New Venture Creation from Lund University, Master of Arts in Applied Cultural Analysis from Lund University, and Master of Arts in Anthropology from Addis Ababa University.

Get Involved

Please contact our team if you have any questions or want to contribute to ENTRIM in any capacity!

Mobile: +46 767 160 838
Email: craig@entrim.se
Mobile: +46 736 803 185
Email: solomon@entrim.se

Our Partners

The strength of ENTRIM emanates from its strategic allegiance with different stakeholders in Region Skåne to draw resources, expertise and methods relevant for the program.

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